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Gerry and Ansley Downtown Chattanooga Summer 2019 Session

Gerry reached out to me wanting to schedule a session for him and his daughter Ansley. They were traveling to Chattanooga from Nashville for the weekend and wanted some fun, candid shots to document their vacation. When they first arrived, Ansley was being shy and hiding behind her daddy’s back. She came out of her shell pretty quickly when I started talking about adventure. We started at the Walnut Street Bridge and walked down to the Passageway, we got our feet wet and then made our way back to the Ice Cream Show for a snack to cool down with.

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Foley Family Summer Carnival Session May 2019 in Dunlap, TN

Jessica and Aaron and their two sweet babies Brantley and Addison wanted a carnival session. We had one scheduled for the National Cornbread Festival and poor Brantley was diagnosed with the FLU a day before!! Fortunately, there was another carnival coming close by to Valley Fest in Dunlap, TN. We were able to reschedule. Brantley had a blast riding rides! Addison wasn’t too happy because there was only one ride they would let her on, but towards the end we got her some cotton candy and she was in heaven!

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Collier Extended Family Session April 2019 in Jasper, Tennessee

One day in April Katie contacted me to schedule a family session for her entire extended family. She and her husband and daughter, her sister, and two nephews, and her brother were coming in from Colorado and Wyoming. She wanted all of their pictures made with their mother, Pam and their grandmother. Let me tell you, this was a wonderful experience for me. A truly warm and loving family and I am grateful to have met them all! And Katie posted an awesome review that I am going to share below:

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Howard Children Spring 2019 in Jasper, Tennessee

Debbi and I have been friends since high school. And ever since she started her family I have been capturing their milestones. I cannot believe how big her children have gotten this year. Darien is so tall, Ronan is less of a baby and more of a child, and just look at how big Felicity is. They are the sweetest and I love when I get to catch up with them!

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Max's First Birthday January 2019 Lifestyle Session

Max turned one right at the beginning of January! I have known Mandy, Max’s mom, since I was a little girl and I’ve been photographing their family for so long I felt right at home. It was SO HARD to narrow down a preview from all of the images. These are a few of my favorites though.

If you are having a birthday party and want to really be present (and not stuck behind a cell phone or camera) the whole time, then I highly recommend hiring a photographer for your child’s day.

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Courtney and Mackenzie Family Session Winter 2018

My very last session of 2018 was with Courtney and Mackenzie. And I am so glad it was these two. They are both so much fun, beautiful and SO easy to work with. Everyone knows I love shooting single moms and their kids. These girls were no exception to that.

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Anna 2019 MCHS Senior Session

First, I’ve known Anna since she was a little girl. I have been friends with her mother for so long now, it’s crazy to me that Anna will be graduating this year!

Second, Anna is one of the easiest people on this earth to photograph. She is so laid back, and completely beautiful. It’s a total breeze!

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Brizendine Children Christmas Limited Edition Session 2018

Kat initially signed up for a Watermelon Limited Edition Session WAY back in the summer. But it rained us out, and we kept trying and trying to reschedule, FINALLY we were able to get a Christmas session scheduled and man I am grateful it worked out this way. The pretty lights on the square and these sweet kids made for the perfect session!

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Morton Family Fall 2018

Debbie has brought her granddaughter Isabella to see me a few times this year. We had a Watermelon Session, then a Bubbles Session, then when her son Cole was in town for a short visit, she brought the whole gang to see me for a Family Session. It was such a cold windy day, but we made it work and even got a big smile from Isabella.

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Alison and Jaylee's Fall 2018 Session

This was hands down, one of my easiest sessions to date. The girls flowed seamlessly from one frame to the next. Our personalities clicked, we bonded over how we like to bargain shop and decorate for holidays. We got giddy over the lights on the square (side note: Town of Jasper can we please have them all year, we could be like Star’s Hollow, I promise that everyone would love it!). Jay got her serious face on. Alison cracked up. It was a fun, fun session. Which is the goal for every session I have.

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Bennett Family Fall Session 2018

Shannon came to see me with her mom and dad, and her grandmother. Such a fun and easy going family. She told me beforehand that not a single one of them was a fan of having their pictures made. In spite of that, they were all very loose and laid back in front of my camera. And these were some of my favorites from Fall.

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Lacey, Angie and Sophia Fall 2018 Family Session

So I often donate sessions to auctions or organizations. Especially when it’s for a good cause. Lacey actually won this session at one of the local car shows at a silent auction. They hadn’t been to see me before, and I was tickled that she brought her daughter and her sweet mom! This was a fun session that actually didn’t take much effort on my part. They are all three so photogenic!

PS: can we just take a sec and appreciate the INSANE gorgeous sunlight and color in these images? I mean… The sunset was kind of showing off that day.

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Tina and Bailey Fall Limited Edition Session 2018

I will always and forever have a soft spot for single mothers. That strong connection is something so special.

Sometimes kids need a few minutes to open up. Especially because I want to capture who they really are. For this age range I usually just ask a series of questions with each one being more nonsensical than the last. Somewhere along the way I'll get those real smiles!

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Cobb Family Fall Mini Session

Having a blended family of my own, I can totally understand the challenges that come with the change of dynamics. Sometimes, as a photographer, you just have to be aware of that and work with it. The Cobb Family may be newer, but they were all five so sweet and easy to work with. Please meet Brandon and Callie and their children, Eli, Clayton and Nora.

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Price Family Fall Mini Session

Hands down one of my most favorite families to shoot. They are all five so full of energy and optimism. If you’ve had the pleasure of meeting them, you’ll know I am right. The heat plus the mosquitoes (literally the size of your face) made the shoot a challenge but we still managed to get an awesome gallery together.

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