I started my Professional Photography business in 2012, since then I’ve been published internationally, won awards and mentored countless other photographers. My clients describe me as patient, fun and laid back.


Now that the formal facts are out of the way, let me tell you more about me. I’m a mother to Gracie and Ryder. I have an amazing fiance, David, that came into my life just at the right time and brought my bonus daughter, Shelby, with him. We have two dogs, Ginny and Gemma. We have a cat named Loki and a lizard named Frey. I guess you could say it’s pretty “wild” around here. (Get it? Ok, that was a pretty cheesy joke.)


I am a positive person, I love seeing the possibilities in this world. I am creative, artistic and I love crafts. I love video games, reading, board games, binge watching and movies. My favorite genre of movies are the classics and Vincent Price has always been my favorite actor. As far as authors go, I read “The Raven” in 6th grade and never looked back. I’ve read everything Edgar Allan Poe there is, and I have a small collection of Poe anthology books.


Things that make me fall even harder in love with the world around me: sunsets (cliche but true!), watching children explore, seeing new love develop, sweets (give me all the chocolate, no, seriously.. All of it) and pretending I’m very organized with my planner and schedules.


I’m finding myself making a very intentional shift in my business. I am so over the “sit and smile” portraits. I want to capture the REAL. I want to capture the wonder, the imagination, the spirit, the freedom, the silly, the grins, the play and the heart of my clients. If you want that for your children or your family, then I think we can make some magic together. When you look at the canvas on your wall, do you want to remember stress, or the joy? I choose joy! Let’s play. We will spend the evening completely care free and capture those moments that make you, YOU!