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Max's First Birthday January 2019 Lifestyle Session

Max turned one right at the beginning of January! I have known Mandy, Max’s mom, since I was a little girl and I’ve been photographing their family for so long I felt right at home. It was SO HARD to narrow down a preview from all of the images. These are a few of my favorites though.

If you are having a birthday party and want to really be present (and not stuck behind a cell phone or camera) the whole time, then I highly recommend hiring a photographer for your child’s day.

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Hoschar and Shankles Christmas 2018 Family Session

I have photographed Anna and Luke at least 934378434 times. And it’s no secret that I LOVE THEM. The Shankles family is so much fun. Rachel asked if we could do a session in her home this time, very lifestyle, and include her sister in law and nephew and nieces. I am pretty sure my response was “OF COURSE WE CAN”. So we lit a fire, took pictures of the kids in jammies and then took a few of Jesi’s kids outside. I fell equally in love with them!! We celebrated Jesi expecting her fifth child. A big congratulations to the Hoschar family!

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Wehunt Lifestyle Newborn Session

So one of my goals for 2019 is to shoot a LOT more in-home lifestyle sessions. I no longer shoot posed newborn sessions, but I am IN LOVE with shooting babies in their own homes, in the arms of their parents. Heather and Michael invited me in to capture what it was like during Maddox’s first few weeks at home. He was a complete dream, he slept the entire time and barely made a peep. The Wehunt home is stunning with such a clean, farmhouse vibe. And holy cow, how cute and sweet is Jeter?!

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Kelly Family

This session was SO special to me. For the following reasons: Tia and her beautiful family have been coming to me for Fall Portraits since Adrian was a little baby. Tia was right on the precipice of graduating with her bachelor’s degree as an elementary school teacher. They brought Tia’s mother Tina and her nephew Man AND they brought Tyler’s parents too! Tyler’s mother was my third grade teacher. AND THE BIGGEST REASON WHY THIS WAS SPECIAL: Tia was a few weeks along expecting a sweet new baby and it was still a secret!!

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