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Ann, Randy and Kevin Fall Limited Edition Session 2018

I just love Ann! She has been bringing her grandchildren to me for about a year now. And this year she came to see me with her husband Randy and her son Kevin and ALL their dogs! They were so much fun and this session was a breeze. OH and PS: Ann made this awesome Vinyl sign!

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Alison and Jaylee's Fall 2018 Session

This was hands down, one of my easiest sessions to date. The girls flowed seamlessly from one frame to the next. Our personalities clicked, we bonded over how we like to bargain shop and decorate for holidays. We got giddy over the lights on the square (side note: Town of Jasper can we please have them all year, we could be like Star’s Hollow, I promise that everyone would love it!). Jay got her serious face on. Alison cracked up. It was a fun, fun session. Which is the goal for every session I have.

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Ellis Maternity and Family Session

Phew! Let me tell you, the world conspired against us on getting this session done. I know it rained once, maybe sickness was the second reason, at this point I can’t remember. But it took us several reschedules to get this session. Because we were literally just out of time (she was going to have the baby!) we wound up having to shoot mid-day, which is not ideal so far as the light goes, BUT if you come to a professional photographer they will know how to make the light work in your favor. This set is BEAUTIFUL. Megan is always gorgeous. Her husband and sweet boys are just so much fun. I especially love the last image, in the whirlwind that comes with having your third boy, I wanted to capture something creatively that shows how fast life moves.

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Bennett Family Fall Session 2018

Shannon came to see me with her mom and dad, and her grandmother. Such a fun and easy going family. She told me beforehand that not a single one of them was a fan of having their pictures made. In spite of that, they were all very loose and laid back in front of my camera. And these were some of my favorites from Fall.

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Lawrence Family Fall Session

I love this sweet little family. This is my third year shooting their Fall Portraits. So I’ve gotten to grow right along with Walker. The very first thing I learned about him three years ago is that he will let me take amazing images of him, but on his terms, and I have to follow his lead. Which is fine by me, most kids his age are the same way. I have loved getting to know his parents too. Marc and Leigh are such genuinely kind people. Here are a few of my favorites from their session.

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Lacey, Angie and Sophia Fall 2018 Family Session

So I often donate sessions to auctions or organizations. Especially when it’s for a good cause. Lacey actually won this session at one of the local car shows at a silent auction. They hadn’t been to see me before, and I was tickled that she brought her daughter and her sweet mom! This was a fun session that actually didn’t take much effort on my part. They are all three so photogenic!

PS: can we just take a sec and appreciate the INSANE gorgeous sunlight and color in these images? I mean… The sunset was kind of showing off that day.

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Ramsey Family Fall 2018 Session

Ok so first of all, this family is adorable. All of them. I love them and they’re sweethearts. Now let’s talk about the fact that it was raining. And it was cold. No worries, the Ramsey’s are down for whatever and we still had a blast.

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Womack Family Fall 2018 Limited Edition Session

Dogs are always welcome. Especially when they are named Max and are as cute as this puppy right here!! Cassie, Cade, Lucy and Lyla (and Max!) came to see me for a Limited Edition Session in the Fall. This was their first session with me but I sure do hope they come back for many more. They have the sweetest girls. A bit shy but they loosened up pretty quick :)

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King Family Fall 2018 Session

Oh this sweet little family! Felicia, Shane and Natalie came to see me on a perfect day towards the end of our Fall colors here in Tennessee. I made sure to send Natalie home completely dirty and in need of a new pair of white tights! But I believe Felicia has forgiven me since then :)

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Jordan Family Fall 2018 Limited Edition Session

Let me tell ya’ll all about the Jordan family. Hands down the NICEST and sweetest family you’ll ever know. Seriously, they’re funny and full of energy and just so awesome to spend time with. Of course Tim is totally outnumbered with all this female energy but I truly think he loves it.

Fun Fact: I’ve taken 2 out of the 3 girls’ Senior Portraits (Hannah, we can do some and just pretend right?) So I was extra excited to get the whole family in front of my lens.

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Lauren Pelham Fall 2018 Limited Edition Session

So Lauren started coming to see me this year. She came this time with her mother Angie, her boyfriend Tim and their two boys Landon and Braylen. FIRST I feel compelled to be honest and let you know that Landon wanted ZERO (nothing, nada) to do with me. He just didn’t realize how fast I am!

But other than that little bump the entire rest of the session was a breeze. Who knows, maybe next time Landon will like me? Braylen, tell him how cool I am. Thanks!

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Bucher Family Fall 2018 Limited Edition Session

Jordan was out of town for this Limited Edition Session. So it was Mandy, Xavier and baby Max for this one. It’s CRAZY to me how fast these two kids are growing! I’ve been photographing them for a few years now and this little family is so special to me.

PS: Can we just take a minute to really appreciate how GLORIOUS the colors are here? I mean WOW!

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Tina and Bailey Fall Limited Edition Session 2018

I will always and forever have a soft spot for single mothers. That strong connection is something so special.

Sometimes kids need a few minutes to open up. Especially because I want to capture who they really are. For this age range I usually just ask a series of questions with each one being more nonsensical than the last. Somewhere along the way I'll get those real smiles!

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Wynne Family Fall Limited Edition Session

Tena and Hayden have been with me since basically the very beginning. I love my loyal clients and always get so excited to see them and hear what’s new and if anything has changed. Of course Hayden is a foot taller than me now, crazy! They brought Mike, Morgan and Blaire with them too! Such a beautiful session at sunset under the fall leaves.

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Woodfin Family Fall Limited Edition Session 2018

Amber and Flint came back and brought their sweet children to see me again this Fall. In between our last session and this one, they tied the knot, they grew closer as a family and once again, our session was a breeze!

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Gibson & Shadwick Family Fall 2018

Meshelle reached out to me after seeing my session with the Provencio Family. She wanted me to capture her side too. I am so glad that she did! It was her and her son, his wife and their two boys. The colors were -optimal- for Fall portraits. The sun was golden and soft and I was able to get each personality captured in just the right way.

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Will & Coleman Fall 2018

Now this session started out tricky. Coleman was in a MOOD that day! But here's what I love about watching these babies grow, I've learned a lot about his personality. I knew if we let him play, he would choose to smile on his own. So we gave him a little freedom, and he was tickled about it. He actually loves doing anything Will is doing, so this one was pretty easy.

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Sophia Fall 2018

Every year Margaret brings sweet Sophia to me for updated portraits. Sophia is a little shy in front of the camera (not at all in real life) but it always takes her a minute to loosen up and be herself. But when she does, watch OUT. She’s a complete natural tiny model. At our session she told me all about her Halloween costume, and that she was going to the Jack-O-Lantern Jamboree the next day. Oh, I forgot to mention I am like four months behind on editing lol. Please enjoy these images of Sophia, in the woods, doing her thing and jumping really high.

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David and Gabriela

First of all, these two tiny baby clients are from Atlanta, GA (about 2.5 hours from me) and their mama drove ALL the way up here so that I could take their portraits! That was definitely a first for me!!

David and Gabriela were adorable sweethearts that were so easy to work with! I hope you enjoy my favorites from their session.

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Kelly Family

This session was SO special to me. For the following reasons: Tia and her beautiful family have been coming to me for Fall Portraits since Adrian was a little baby. Tia was right on the precipice of graduating with her bachelor’s degree as an elementary school teacher. They brought Tia’s mother Tina and her nephew Man AND they brought Tyler’s parents too! Tyler’s mother was my third grade teacher. AND THE BIGGEST REASON WHY THIS WAS SPECIAL: Tia was a few weeks along expecting a sweet new baby and it was still a secret!!

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