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Hancock Family Summer 2019 Tennessee Farm Session Jasper, TN

Every year I donate to the silent auction held locally at Sequatchie Valley Electric Co-operative. This year Shanda won the session. I always love meeting new people and Shanda, Tyler and Will were so much fun. We shot on their friend’s farm and it was absolutely beautiful. They even had a tiny baby goat at the end for Will to love on!!

ps: my day was 100% made when they brought out that kid, if you know me, I LOVE goats!!

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Jacelyn's Spring Limited Edition Session April 2019 Jasper TN

What a sweet and beautiful little soul this girl is. We had a quick session but it was so much fun. We played in the sunshine.

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Haley Engel's Spring Family Limited Edition Session in Jasper, TN

Haley reached out to me wanting to schedule a family session for Spring. Her, Terence, Jake and Zeke came to see me on a cold day in March, but from their smiles, you’d never know how cold it was.

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Lyndi Silver Lifestyle Session January 2019

Lyndi has been with me for years now. I have been there for pregnancy announcements, her wedding, birthdays and milestones. Watching her grow as well as her children, those connections are one of my most favorite parts of my job. So when she asked me if I could come to their home, to capture them in their environment, I jumped at it. She needed new branding images for her website and blog, Blessed & Obsessed and new portraits of the family and kids. Portraits don’t need to be posed and perfection. Sometimes you just need to capture the every day.

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Katie, Logan and Adriella Fall 2018

This was my second shoot with this little family, and I just love each one of them. They are so sweet and loving towards one another. Adri had grown SO much since her six months shoot.

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Ellis Maternity and Family Session

Phew! Let me tell you, the world conspired against us on getting this session done. I know it rained once, maybe sickness was the second reason, at this point I can’t remember. But it took us several reschedules to get this session. Because we were literally just out of time (she was going to have the baby!) we wound up having to shoot mid-day, which is not ideal so far as the light goes, BUT if you come to a professional photographer they will know how to make the light work in your favor. This set is BEAUTIFUL. Megan is always gorgeous. Her husband and sweet boys are just so much fun. I especially love the last image, in the whirlwind that comes with having your third boy, I wanted to capture something creatively that shows how fast life moves.

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King Family Fall 2018 Session

Oh this sweet little family! Felicia, Shane and Natalie came to see me on a perfect day towards the end of our Fall colors here in Tennessee. I made sure to send Natalie home completely dirty and in need of a new pair of white tights! But I believe Felicia has forgiven me since then :)

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Lauren Pelham Fall 2018 Limited Edition Session

So Lauren started coming to see me this year. She came this time with her mother Angie, her boyfriend Tim and their two boys Landon and Braylen. FIRST I feel compelled to be honest and let you know that Landon wanted ZERO (nothing, nada) to do with me. He just didn’t realize how fast I am!

But other than that little bump the entire rest of the session was a breeze. Who knows, maybe next time Landon will like me? Braylen, tell him how cool I am. Thanks!

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Bucher Family Fall 2018 Limited Edition Session

Jordan was out of town for this Limited Edition Session. So it was Mandy, Xavier and baby Max for this one. It’s CRAZY to me how fast these two kids are growing! I’ve been photographing them for a few years now and this little family is so special to me.

PS: Can we just take a minute to really appreciate how GLORIOUS the colors are here? I mean WOW!

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David and Gabriela

First of all, these two tiny baby clients are from Atlanta, GA (about 2.5 hours from me) and their mama drove ALL the way up here so that I could take their portraits! That was definitely a first for me!!

David and Gabriela were adorable sweethearts that were so easy to work with! I hope you enjoy my favorites from their session.

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