As moms we will spend a fortune on our kids, on our homes, on our families, but we have such a hard time spending money on ourselves. Even when it’s something we really want to learn. We all know time passes SO quick, and luckily we live in the digital age where we have access to cameras to capture every moment of our sweet children’s lives. But how frustrating is it when you’re snapping away, get home and the images are less than thrilling? I have taught so many people how to use their cameras and take control of them. So they already KNOW they caught that shot of their baby’s first steps. They KNOW they got their son’s touchdown. They KNOW they caught that grin from their daughter at the bottom of the slide. 

If you’ve ever groaned after uploading your images because of a shot that’s out of focus, or too dark, or way too bright. I can help you fix that. I can help you find the light. I can help you catch the moment. 

I’ve been taking pictures for 18 years. I’ve been a professional photographer with my own business for six years. And I WISH I would have had someone that could have taught me all of this when I first started. The knowledge that I’ll be teaching you during this class is invaluable. 

I’ll be presenting everything in an easy to understand format. I’ll tell you the technical terms, but also lay it all out so that you leave this class with a good grasp on beginners photography. Each student will also receive an instruction book that I have prepared just for you, that you can keep forever. The book has easy to understand diagrams, images that show a clear difference and wording that isn’t hard to follow. 

If you are ready to take that next step and invest in your own memories. Click below to purchase your seat.