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Ann, Randy and Kevin Fall Limited Edition Session 2018

I just love Ann! She has been bringing her grandchildren to me for about a year now. And this year she came to see me with her husband Randy and her son Kevin and ALL their dogs! They were so much fun and this session was a breeze. OH and PS: Ann made this awesome Vinyl sign!

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Jordan Family Fall 2018 Limited Edition Session

Let me tell ya’ll all about the Jordan family. Hands down the NICEST and sweetest family you’ll ever know. Seriously, they’re funny and full of energy and just so awesome to spend time with. Of course Tim is totally outnumbered with all this female energy but I truly think he loves it.

Fun Fact: I’ve taken 2 out of the 3 girls’ Senior Portraits (Hannah, we can do some and just pretend right?) So I was extra excited to get the whole family in front of my lens.

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Bucher Family Fall 2018 Limited Edition Session

Jordan was out of town for this Limited Edition Session. So it was Mandy, Xavier and baby Max for this one. It’s CRAZY to me how fast these two kids are growing! I’ve been photographing them for a few years now and this little family is so special to me.

PS: Can we just take a minute to really appreciate how GLORIOUS the colors are here? I mean WOW!

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Tina and Bailey Fall Limited Edition Session 2018

I will always and forever have a soft spot for single mothers. That strong connection is something so special.

Sometimes kids need a few minutes to open up. Especially because I want to capture who they really are. For this age range I usually just ask a series of questions with each one being more nonsensical than the last. Somewhere along the way I'll get those real smiles!

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Wynne Family Fall Limited Edition Session

Tena and Hayden have been with me since basically the very beginning. I love my loyal clients and always get so excited to see them and hear what’s new and if anything has changed. Of course Hayden is a foot taller than me now, crazy! They brought Mike, Morgan and Blaire with them too! Such a beautiful session at sunset under the fall leaves.

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Parker Family Fall Mini Session

Fall Minis are the best, and even more fun when it's someone you've known basically your entire life. So happy for Derrick that he's found Tori. I loved meeting her and these precious boys!! Maddox and Luke were awesome for the session.

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Cobb Family Fall Mini Session

Having a blended family of my own, I can totally understand the challenges that come with the change of dynamics. Sometimes, as a photographer, you just have to be aware of that and work with it. The Cobb Family may be newer, but they were all five so sweet and easy to work with. Please meet Brandon and Callie and their children, Eli, Clayton and Nora.

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Price Family Fall Mini Session

Hands down one of my most favorite families to shoot. They are all five so full of energy and optimism. If you’ve had the pleasure of meeting them, you’ll know I am right. The heat plus the mosquitoes (literally the size of your face) made the shoot a challenge but we still managed to get an awesome gallery together.

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