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Dancy Family Summer Session Sweeten's Cove, Tennessee

Sarah reached out to me about a session for her and her family. Let me just tell you, this was a wonderful family to meet and get to know. They were all four so sweet and fun to spend time with. We started at their home, which was amazing, they have incredible views. We then moved to private property that belongs to a family friend. Last we made a quick stop at the Primitive Church.

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5 Tips for Photographing Blended Families

Photographing blended families can sometimes be stressful. Sometimes you will feel more like a therapist than a photographer. It can be tricky to navigate the waters of family dynamics, particularly if there’s tension between the children and a step-parent. More often than not, you’ll need a few tactics to help you through it. Today I want to offer you five simple tried and true techniques for your next blended family session.

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Sophia Summer Session in Downtown Chattanooga July 2019

Sophia is my little baby cousin. Right now she’s living in Washington DC but she came in for a visit and a fun little Summer Session with me. Sophia is literally a ray of sunshine. Her energy is contagious. She was SO EXCITED about everything that she saw, it really made me stop and look at this city with new eyes. We started at the Walnut Street Bridge and made a loop. We walked from the bridge to the Tennessee Riverwalk, to the waterways around the aquarium, we pet a horse that pulls the carriages on Broad Street, and we made our way back to The Ice Cream Show.

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Haley Engel's Spring Family Limited Edition Session in Jasper, TN

Haley reached out to me wanting to schedule a family session for Spring. Her, Terence, Jake and Zeke came to see me on a cold day in March, but from their smiles, you’d never know how cold it was.

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Alison and Jaylee's Fall 2018 Session

This was hands down, one of my easiest sessions to date. The girls flowed seamlessly from one frame to the next. Our personalities clicked, we bonded over how we like to bargain shop and decorate for holidays. We got giddy over the lights on the square (side note: Town of Jasper can we please have them all year, we could be like Star’s Hollow, I promise that everyone would love it!). Jay got her serious face on. Alison cracked up. It was a fun, fun session. Which is the goal for every session I have.

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Bucher Family Fall 2018 Limited Edition Session

Jordan was out of town for this Limited Edition Session. So it was Mandy, Xavier and baby Max for this one. It’s CRAZY to me how fast these two kids are growing! I’ve been photographing them for a few years now and this little family is so special to me.

PS: Can we just take a minute to really appreciate how GLORIOUS the colors are here? I mean WOW!

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Tina and Bailey Fall Limited Edition Session 2018

I will always and forever have a soft spot for single mothers. That strong connection is something so special.

Sometimes kids need a few minutes to open up. Especially because I want to capture who they really are. For this age range I usually just ask a series of questions with each one being more nonsensical than the last. Somewhere along the way I'll get those real smiles!

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Gibson & Shadwick Family Fall 2018

Meshelle reached out to me after seeing my session with the Provencio Family. She wanted me to capture her side too. I am so glad that she did! It was her and her son, his wife and their two boys. The colors were -optimal- for Fall portraits. The sun was golden and soft and I was able to get each personality captured in just the right way.

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David and Gabriela

First of all, these two tiny baby clients are from Atlanta, GA (about 2.5 hours from me) and their mama drove ALL the way up here so that I could take their portraits! That was definitely a first for me!!

David and Gabriela were adorable sweethearts that were so easy to work with! I hope you enjoy my favorites from their session.

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