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Emilee and Tiffany Dalton State College Graduation Session May 2019

I’ve known Emilee for a long time now. I shot her youngest son’s newborn session, she has modeled for me, then I shot their vow renewal last year. So when she contacted me about documenting her and her best friend’s graduation from college at Dalton State, of course I said yes! This session was way easy, except for the mosquitoes that nearly carried us away! Both of these women are so amazing. They worked SO hard, raising kids and going to school at the same time.

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Brittany, John & Javon

Brittany is one of my most favorite moms. You see, she and I used to share a wall at our old apartment complex. So I sort have had a front row seat to about three years of watching her parent these boys. And she’s INCREDIBLE. She’s doing such a great job by them. They are both sweet and kind and so well mannered. Brittany and I took our sweet time (kind of a bad inside joke) getting this session scheduled but once we did, boom. They knocked it out of the park.

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