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P52 Week 6 - Black and White Landscape

I have been a member of Clickin Moms for a while now. But just haven’t really jumped in yet. I decided this is the year I need to really start shooting more for me. It’s been far too long since I picked up my camera with no expectations. So I joined in a P52. For those of you who don’t know, that’s short for Project 52 and it means you take at least one image a week for an entire year.

I really wanted to take on a P365, but I know with my client workload, I realistically wouldn’t be able to keep up. So here we are, I joined in late, but that’s ok. You can start whenever you’d like. This week’s assignment was to submit a Black and White Landscape Photograph. TRICKY doesn’t even begin to cover it.

I am not a landscape photographer (but gosh, I admire those who are!!). And I am also not even sure this qualifies as a landscape image (lol)! But I LOVE it. I stepped outside my comfort zone, and got to use a skill I don’t often get to use (long exposure photography). I hope you enjoy this! I’ll add my images each week.

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Max's First Birthday January 2019 Lifestyle Session

Max turned one right at the beginning of January! I have known Mandy, Max’s mom, since I was a little girl and I’ve been photographing their family for so long I felt right at home. It was SO HARD to narrow down a preview from all of the images. These are a few of my favorites though.

If you are having a birthday party and want to really be present (and not stuck behind a cell phone or camera) the whole time, then I highly recommend hiring a photographer for your child’s day.

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Miranda Turner Branding and Couples Session January 2019

Miranda and Marty were my very first session of 2019. She wanted a few couples pictures and some branding and updated head shots for her business. Branding sessions are easily one of my favorites and are so simple when my clients are as beautiful as Miranda. Easy as pie. All of these were taken in Downtown, Chattanooga.

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Wrapping up 2018 and Ushering in 2019

This is what my year has been like. Extra busy and SO blessed. 163 sessions, plus four weddings, one promo video for a preschool and 10 Senior Rep Modeling sessions! I also shot the entire Kimball Soccer League in both the Spring and the Fall AND I taught two separate photography classes!! I was published twice and asked to speak on a panel in front of Girl Scouts. Here's a small sampling of some of my favorite images from this year, there's at least one from each session!! Can you spot yourself? 

I don't even know where to start with expressing my gratitude. Clients, please just know that I love you all so much, and thank you, from the bottom of my heart for letting me wake up every day and live my dream!

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Courtney and Mackenzie Family Session Winter 2018

My very last session of 2018 was with Courtney and Mackenzie. And I am so glad it was these two. They are both so much fun, beautiful and SO easy to work with. Everyone knows I love shooting single moms and their kids. These girls were no exception to that.

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Anna 2019 MCHS Senior Session

First, I’ve known Anna since she was a little girl. I have been friends with her mother for so long now, it’s crazy to me that Anna will be graduating this year!

Second, Anna is one of the easiest people on this earth to photograph. She is so laid back, and completely beautiful. It’s a total breeze!

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Brizendine Children Christmas Limited Edition Session 2018

Kat initially signed up for a Watermelon Limited Edition Session WAY back in the summer. But it rained us out, and we kept trying and trying to reschedule, FINALLY we were able to get a Christmas session scheduled and man I am grateful it worked out this way. The pretty lights on the square and these sweet kids made for the perfect session!

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Hoschar and Shankles Christmas 2018 Family Session

I have photographed Anna and Luke at least 934378434 times. And it’s no secret that I LOVE THEM. The Shankles family is so much fun. Rachel asked if we could do a session in her home this time, very lifestyle, and include her sister in law and nephew and nieces. I am pretty sure my response was “OF COURSE WE CAN”. So we lit a fire, took pictures of the kids in jammies and then took a few of Jesi’s kids outside. I fell equally in love with them!! We celebrated Jesi expecting her fifth child. A big congratulations to the Hoschar family!

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Dickson Grandkids Session Christmas 2018

See that little boy in the red/gray sweatshirt? His name is Ty and he was my very first newborn I ever took pictures of, a little over SIX years ago! His grandmother, Billie has been bringing her family (all of them) to see me for sessions for longer than anyone else. I have photographed all of her kids, all of her grandkids, her and and her husband and I love this family so much!

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Zane 2019 Senior Session

Zane’s mother Alisa contacted me wanting to set up a very unique session for her son Zane. They wanted half of them to be done at a local gym called Max Fit, and the other half outside on location on our town square in Jasper, TN. Of course I love new and different so I almost shouted, “YES” at her. Zane is such a sweet boy, and I had a blast trying out some new angles, literally climbing to the top of some equipment and then shooting for a bit on the square.

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Meek Family Christmas Session at the Chattanooga Choo Choo

Jessica contacted me after finding my website. She needed updated family portraits of her, her husband Evan and their two daughters Lola and Lucy. I had just recently been given permission to shoot at the Chattanooga Choo Choo. With it being so close to Christmas, I knew this would be the perfect location for our shoot. It was absolutely stunning. I am leaning heavily towards less posed portraits and really loving the feel of these intimate, documentary style images. Jessica’s family is so sweet, and I just loved working with them.

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Ann, Randy and Kevin Fall Limited Edition Session 2018

I just love Ann! She has been bringing her grandchildren to me for about a year now. And this year she came to see me with her husband Randy and her son Kevin and ALL their dogs! They were so much fun and this session was a breeze. OH and PS: Ann made this awesome Vinyl sign!

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Morton Family Fall 2018

Debbie has brought her granddaughter Isabella to see me a few times this year. We had a Watermelon Session, then a Bubbles Session, then when her son Cole was in town for a short visit, she brought the whole gang to see me for a Family Session. It was such a cold windy day, but we made it work and even got a big smile from Isabella.

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2019 MCHS Senior Rep Jade

I choose my Senior Reps each year, very, very carefully. I pay more attention to who they are as a person than I do what they look like. I chose Jade because she’s active at her school and super sweet. Jade is in Beta Club, Student Council, the Ridley Rowdies (our local school’s version of the pep club!), AND she’s in the Honors Program. But of course, she’s also absolutely stunning. She plans on attending UTK School of Law after graduating and I just know she will achieve all her goals. Be prepared for picture overload!

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Katie, Logan and Adriella Fall 2018

This was my second shoot with this little family, and I just love each one of them. They are so sweet and loving towards one another. Adri had grown SO much since her six months shoot.

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Alison and Jaylee's Fall 2018 Session

This was hands down, one of my easiest sessions to date. The girls flowed seamlessly from one frame to the next. Our personalities clicked, we bonded over how we like to bargain shop and decorate for holidays. We got giddy over the lights on the square (side note: Town of Jasper can we please have them all year, we could be like Star’s Hollow, I promise that everyone would love it!). Jay got her serious face on. Alison cracked up. It was a fun, fun session. Which is the goal for every session I have.

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Ellis Maternity and Family Session

Phew! Let me tell you, the world conspired against us on getting this session done. I know it rained once, maybe sickness was the second reason, at this point I can’t remember. But it took us several reschedules to get this session. Because we were literally just out of time (she was going to have the baby!) we wound up having to shoot mid-day, which is not ideal so far as the light goes, BUT if you come to a professional photographer they will know how to make the light work in your favor. This set is BEAUTIFUL. Megan is always gorgeous. Her husband and sweet boys are just so much fun. I especially love the last image, in the whirlwind that comes with having your third boy, I wanted to capture something creatively that shows how fast life moves.

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Bennett Family Fall Session 2018

Shannon came to see me with her mom and dad, and her grandmother. Such a fun and easy going family. She told me beforehand that not a single one of them was a fan of having their pictures made. In spite of that, they were all very loose and laid back in front of my camera. And these were some of my favorites from Fall.

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Lawrence Family Fall Session

I love this sweet little family. This is my third year shooting their Fall Portraits. So I’ve gotten to grow right along with Walker. The very first thing I learned about him three years ago is that he will let me take amazing images of him, but on his terms, and I have to follow his lead. Which is fine by me, most kids his age are the same way. I have loved getting to know his parents too. Marc and Leigh are such genuinely kind people. Here are a few of my favorites from their session.

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Lacey, Angie and Sophia Fall 2018 Family Session

So I often donate sessions to auctions or organizations. Especially when it’s for a good cause. Lacey actually won this session at one of the local car shows at a silent auction. They hadn’t been to see me before, and I was tickled that she brought her daughter and her sweet mom! This was a fun session that actually didn’t take much effort on my part. They are all three so photogenic!

PS: can we just take a sec and appreciate the INSANE gorgeous sunlight and color in these images? I mean… The sunset was kind of showing off that day.

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