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Caldwell Family Spring Sunset Portrait Session in Jasper, TN

Crystal brings her boys to see me a few times a year, and every time I try and talk her into having family portraits made. I tell her it’s her turn to step in front of the camera. FINALLY she booked me for a family session. Her and Josh and the boys, Will and Coleman. And we did back to back sessions, their family, then her two boys and her nephews.

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Hoschar and Shankles Christmas 2018 Family Session

I have photographed Anna and Luke at least 934378434 times. And it’s no secret that I LOVE THEM. The Shankles family is so much fun. Rachel asked if we could do a session in her home this time, very lifestyle, and include her sister in law and nephew and nieces. I am pretty sure my response was “OF COURSE WE CAN”. So we lit a fire, took pictures of the kids in jammies and then took a few of Jesi’s kids outside. I fell equally in love with them!! We celebrated Jesi expecting her fifth child. A big congratulations to the Hoschar family!

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