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Collier Extended Family Session April 2019 in Jasper, Tennessee

One day in April Katie contacted me to schedule a family session for her entire extended family. She and her husband and daughter, her sister, and two nephews, and her brother were coming in from Colorado and Wyoming. She wanted all of their pictures made with their mother, Pam and their grandmother. Let me tell you, this was a wonderful experience for me. A truly warm and loving family and I am grateful to have met them all! And Katie posted an awesome review that I am going to share below:

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Hoschar and Shankles Christmas 2018 Family Session

I have photographed Anna and Luke at least 934378434 times. And it’s no secret that I LOVE THEM. The Shankles family is so much fun. Rachel asked if we could do a session in her home this time, very lifestyle, and include her sister in law and nephew and nieces. I am pretty sure my response was “OF COURSE WE CAN”. So we lit a fire, took pictures of the kids in jammies and then took a few of Jesi’s kids outside. I fell equally in love with them!! We celebrated Jesi expecting her fifth child. A big congratulations to the Hoschar family!

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