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Trip & Gavin Celebrate Trip's First Birthday in Jasper, TN April 2019

Sherie contacted me to book a session for Trip’s cake smash. She settled on a whole Cookie Monster theme and it was adorable! She Nicole Beecken make his cake. Big brother Gavin was in on it too. They both got hyped up on a lot of sugar and we partied on the square!

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Abby-Lynn and Landon on Courthouse Square in Jasper, TN

I’ll just start by saying I LOVE the entire Jordan family, and I love seeing them grow and change. Abby-Lynn came to me with her boyfriend Landon for a quick Limited Edition Session. It was FREEZING that day, literally freezing and windy and miserable, but these two powered through.

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P52 Week 6 - Black and White Landscape

I have been a member of Clickin Moms for a while now. But just haven’t really jumped in yet. I decided this is the year I need to really start shooting more for me. It’s been far too long since I picked up my camera with no expectations. So I joined in a P52. For those of you who don’t know, that’s short for Project 52 and it means you take at least one image a week for an entire year.

I really wanted to take on a P365, but I know with my client workload, I realistically wouldn’t be able to keep up. So here we are, I joined in late, but that’s ok. You can start whenever you’d like. This week’s assignment was to submit a Black and White Landscape Photograph. TRICKY doesn’t even begin to cover it.

I am not a landscape photographer (but gosh, I admire those who are!!). And I am also not even sure this qualifies as a landscape image (lol)! But I LOVE it. I stepped outside my comfort zone, and got to use a skill I don’t often get to use (long exposure photography). I hope you enjoy this! I’ll add my images each week.

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Anna 2019 MCHS Senior Session

First, I’ve known Anna since she was a little girl. I have been friends with her mother for so long now, it’s crazy to me that Anna will be graduating this year!

Second, Anna is one of the easiest people on this earth to photograph. She is so laid back, and completely beautiful. It’s a total breeze!

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Alison and Jaylee's Fall 2018 Session

This was hands down, one of my easiest sessions to date. The girls flowed seamlessly from one frame to the next. Our personalities clicked, we bonded over how we like to bargain shop and decorate for holidays. We got giddy over the lights on the square (side note: Town of Jasper can we please have them all year, we could be like Star’s Hollow, I promise that everyone would love it!). Jay got her serious face on. Alison cracked up. It was a fun, fun session. Which is the goal for every session I have.

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