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Gerry and Ansley Downtown Chattanooga Summer 2019 Session

Gerry reached out to me wanting to schedule a session for him and his daughter Ansley. They were traveling to Chattanooga from Nashville for the weekend and wanted some fun, candid shots to document their vacation. When they first arrived, Ansley was being shy and hiding behind her daddy’s back. She came out of her shell pretty quickly when I started talking about adventure. We started at the Walnut Street Bridge and walked down to the Passageway, we got our feet wet and then made our way back to the Ice Cream Show for a snack to cool down with.

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Tina and Bailey Fall Limited Edition Session 2018

I will always and forever have a soft spot for single mothers. That strong connection is something so special.

Sometimes kids need a few minutes to open up. Especially because I want to capture who they really are. For this age range I usually just ask a series of questions with each one being more nonsensical than the last. Somewhere along the way I'll get those real smiles!

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Gibson & Shadwick Family Fall 2018

Meshelle reached out to me after seeing my session with the Provencio Family. She wanted me to capture her side too. I am so glad that she did! It was her and her son, his wife and their two boys. The colors were -optimal- for Fall portraits. The sun was golden and soft and I was able to get each personality captured in just the right way.

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