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Foley Family Summer Carnival Session May 2019 in Dunlap, TN

Jessica and Aaron and their two sweet babies Brantley and Addison wanted a carnival session. We had one scheduled for the National Cornbread Festival and poor Brantley was diagnosed with the FLU a day before!! Fortunately, there was another carnival coming close by to Valley Fest in Dunlap, TN. We were able to reschedule. Brantley had a blast riding rides! Addison wasn’t too happy because there was only one ride they would let her on, but towards the end we got her some cotton candy and she was in heaven!

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Erica and Lennon Family Carnival Session at The National Cornbread Festival

Erica and Lennon are just pure fun. I always have a blast photographing them. And I really respect and admire Erica, I have always held a soft spot for single mothers. Lennon is an incredible kid, he’s smart, and funny and very talented, and all of that is a testament to Erica.

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Jovany Limited Edition Carnival Session at The National Cornbread Festival

So this little cutie and I spent some time at the carnival. He had a blast checking out the rides and eating popcorn (and throwing it in the air). I love seeing the lights through little eyes.

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