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Annabelle Senior 2018

Annabelle was a really fun girl to get to know. She was nervous and a little shy at first. It took her a little bit, but I just kept asking questions and then her real personality came out. Such a sweet girl, so beautiful and literally just delightful to meet.

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2019 Senior Rep Model Lilli

I’m going to start this blog post by letting you know, I LOVE Lilli! I am so glad I chose her as one of my Senior Rep Models. She’s a 2019 Senior at Richard Hardy Memorial School in South Pittsburg, TN. She’s so well rounded, so down to earth and so, so laid back. Her session was one of the easiest I’ve ever shot. I asked her to mess up her hair and she did. I asked her spin around and walk towards me at least 90343 times and she did, with a badly sprained ankle from volleyball! She’s a great student, a wonderful daughter, a quirky girl and so much fun to be around. I had a really hard time narrowing these down!!

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