What to Expect

1. First of all, things may not go perfect. Babies cry, children get mad. But trust me when I tell you, I have seen it all! I know when to click the shutter and get the images I need and you want. Relax and trust in me, and I will capture your family exactly how they are, in exactly the right time.

2. Second, I work quick. I know what I need to get the amount of images for your package. However, this does not mean I will rush. Sometimes children need a bit to loosen up and be themselves. Family sessions tend to last about 25-45 minutes.

Newborn sessions are entirely different, they can last up to 3-4 hours. We work around the baby, and they are the boss. For newborn sessions, I suggest (if possible) leaving siblings at home, and having someone bring them towards the end to get those shots. I will warm the shooting area up so baby is comfortable and keep it very quiet during the session.

Senior and couples sessions tend to go even quicker. Teenagers and adults take direction very well, which makes for a smoother session. As you can see I shoot primarily outdoors, so if you are planning on an outfit change, it will typically have to be done in a car or behind a sheet. I do not have a limit on outfit changes.

3. I am not above bribery. If you think telling your child that you’ll stop and buy them a cookie or ice cream on the way home will get them to loosen up and smile, DO IT. I will sometimes ask parents to take a step back as well. I am great with kids, and they typically will react better to me when mom or dad aren’t ‘telling them’ to smile.

4. Any help you may need with wardrobe selection can be done prior to the session. Feel free to text or email me pictures of your prospective choices as much as you would like. I do have a section and a Pinterest board here on my site (you can find it under ‘Clients’ up top) with lots of helpful tips.

5. I shoot in the evenings, in what is referred to as “Golden Hour” approximately one hour before sunset. The light at this time is dreamy and soft, and will make your session look like a fairy tale.


Have a look at this video below, it was filmed at a recent family session. It took me a little less than 10 minutes to get the shots I needed. I don’t do a whole lot of “posing”, just a little direction on where to stand, a small amount of coaxing. Believe it or not, at the end of the session I got a great shot of all of them smiling, even Aleksander! The resulting images are featured below the video.


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