Mini Sessions


I get a LOT of questions about mini sessions. I decided the best way to address them would be to make a page strictly for them.

1. What are Mini Sessions? Mini Sessions are short sessions with a small amount of images returned. They are done back to back, which means I have several clients come on the same day, to the same set up. They have a smaller session fee, and typically come with 3-5 images.

2. Can I schedule a Mini Session? The short answer is no. These are set up specifically and planned months in advance. I announce all my mini sessions on my Facebook page, my Instagram, my Snapchat and my blog. I also send them to my email list.

3. When and what are your upcoming Minis? This is a great question! I have two sets of minis I always do, every year. The first are Easter Mini Sessions and they are held in March. The other is Fall Mini Sessions and they are held in October. Other mini sessions are held at random times of the year, when the creativity strikes me right. I’ve held Christmas Minis, Fairy Minis, etc.

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