Mini Sessions

Couples Mini Sessions

I had a wonderful time with all these couples. I took an online course in flow posing, it was quick but informative. I put out a model call on Facebook for discounted mini sessions to practice what I had learned. I had several couples sign up and these are my favorites. I shot these over the course of two Saturdays in September. One set in downtown South Pittsburg, TN and the other on the square in Jasper, TN. Thank you so much to the awesome couples that came out!!

Aaliyah & Brett


Emily & Brody


Jessica & Ronnie


Jessica & Daniel


Kirsten & Jacob


Lacie & Cody


Lynn & Corey


Molly & Derek


Sherri & Johnny


Susan & Anthony


Elizabeth & Austin


Valerie & Ed



Abby | Senior 2017 RHMS

Meet Abby, she’s a 2017 senior. She has a beautiful soul, that shines through her smile. She requested a piano, and more of an urban feel to her session and I was more than happy to oblige her. I love shooting street scenes. We found this beautiful, old piano at Stevarino’s in and the street scenes were shot on Cedar Avenue in downtown South Pittsburg, Tennessee. We took several shots in front of the Princess Theater as well. Abby wore an awesome swing dress, Converse chucks and her glasses that perfectly matched the downtown decor and her beautiful personality.

img_1509-1bw img_1580-13 img_1624-20 img_1661-26 img_1680-30 img_1735-34


Foster | Newborn | Jasper, TN Newborn Photography

I have been photographing the Roach family since I first began taking pictures professionally in 2013. I’ve captured Gunner growing up, birthday parties, fall family pictures, Haley & Jamie’s wedding, maternity and now their newest addition, Foster. Whether they know it or not, they are some of my favorite clients. Simply because, as they’ve grown, so have I. I can look back through their images and see my growth with each new milestone. Gunner was my third newborn, I had a few lightbulb moments during his session, and he gave me some of my confidence that I use still today. Now, three years later, they’ve welcome this sweet new baby girl to the family. She really wasn’t feeling it during our first shoot, so we rescheduled and they came back a different day. She didn’t sleep, not even for a second. She was far too concerned with watching everything that was going on! With all of that being said, here are my favorites from Foster’s newborn session.

11wm 1 IMG_1083-19-copy


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    Let me just start by saying, I LOVE Snapchat! If you’d like to follow me on a platform and see sneaks at my personal, as well as my professional life. Snapchat is the place to do it. It’s also the only place I post shots during the shooting and editing process. My username is leighannatwell.



Instagram is an awesome little social app, and I post there regularly. Much like Snapchat, I post a solid mixture of business and my personal life. If you want to see pictures of my kids, sneak peeks, pictures of my daily life and behind the scenes at shoots, then Instagram is where you’ll find all of that. My username on Instagram is leighannatwell.



I don’t even know how to describe Pinterest for me. I pin a ridiculous amount of photography, crochet, Yoga and funny memes. I have the largest amount of followers on this platform. Possibly because I spend inordinate amounts of time pinning. If you would like to follow me too, my username is leighannatwell.


1. What kind of phone do you use? I have an iPhone 6 Plus and I’m waiting (impatiently) for that 7 to come out 🙂

2. Do you use a tablet too? I do! I have an iPad Pro and I LOVE it! I use it for all my crazy social connecting, playing games, and I use it for business too! Contracts, my calendar (which I use across devices – my computer, phone and iPad), location scouting, etc.

3. What are your favorite apps? I love the above mentioned apps, but I also love Township (it’s a farm game.. Don’t laugh), I use Daily Budget, Apple Music, FitBit, Kindle, AliExpress. My favorite mobile photography apps are PicTapGo, Moldiv, Living Planet and Studio+.

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