Foster | Newborn | Jasper, TN Newborn Photography

I have been photographing the Roach family since I first began taking pictures professionally in 2013. I’ve captured Gunner growing up, birthday parties, fall family pictures, Haley & Jamie’s wedding, maternity and now their newest addition, Foster. Whether they know it or not, they are some of my favorite clients. Simply because, as they’ve grown, so have I. I can look back through their images and see my growth with each new milestone. Gunner was my third newborn, I had a few lightbulb moments during his session, and he gave me some of my confidence that I use still today. Now, three years later, they’ve welcome this sweet new baby girl to the family. She really wasn’t feeling it during our first shoot, so we rescheduled and they came back a different day. She didn’t sleep, not even for a second. She was far too concerned with watching everything that was going on! With all of that being said, here are my favorites from Foster’s newborn session.

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